About me


So let me introduce myself a bit..

I'm Amanda Bossi- a cosmetologist, salon owner, self-proclaimed girl boss, life experiencer, model, cat mom, diyer, and Jane-of-all-trades.

Lord knows I have been through some definite ups and downs. 

I started this blog a few years ago really to educate my clients in the beauty field. Needless to say, it has evolved into something more. My life has taken me in directions I never really thought it would go in and I turned to this blog as an outlet for myself and in hopes that someone else would relate or not feel so alone in their trials and tribulations. 

I have been a hair and makeup artist for 14 years working in chain and private salons and now am the sole owner of LIVE SALON. My salon has been successfully open now for 2 years and have two wonderful employees that work alongside me. I also freelance as a hair and makeup artist on photoshoots, productions, and editorials. My work has been featured in international magazines and online forums.. Recently, I have been given the chance to do the hair as well as act in an upcoming film 116 MacDougal being filmed here in Pittsburgh.

I've been in the modeling industry for slightly under a decade, having been published in international magazines and online editorials. Both being in the beauty and modeling industries have given me the opportunity to meet tremendous people, have amazing experiences, and learn so much about people and myself. 

So obviously writing a beauty blog came naturally. Like... kind of know a little bit of what I am talking about there. But life evolved and thus so did this. 

Got married, baby struggles, alcoholism, losing a job, opening a business, becoming a widow, starting a relationship again, the list could go on about my life experiences. 

I needed an outlet. I needed to celebrate, scream, cry, or spill whatever emotion out in type. I just want other people to feel some sort of sense of community here amon these pages. Whether you are here to learn how to properly blow dry your hair or learn how to finally take care of yourself, this blog has something for you.


Thank you.