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Blow Like a Pro

Every one of my clients say “Oh, I wish I could take you home with me. I can never style my hair the way you do.” Yes, you can. However, you will never be able to achieve the same look if you aren’t using the products I used on you or the correct technique. It was starts with the Blow Dry.

Follow these easy tips and tricks for a salon-perfect blow dry and finally be able to blow like a pro.

Blot and squeeze the excess moisture out of your hair with a towel before applying product. Do not rub the towel on your hair as this can cause friction and lead to unwanted breakage and frizz. Too damp of hair will lessen the effects of the product.

Too dry of hair will only make your hair feel crunchy with product.

Only comb your tangles with a wide tooth comb, not a brush. Use a detangler such as AG Natural Coco Leave-In to help aid the comb through.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, you must use product, I hear too many people say, “Oh, I can’t use product. It makes my hair feel (insert negative description).” You are using the incorrect product or aren’t using it correctly. You will never achieve that salon blow out on your own without starting from the same base.

The right potion or lotion will make or break your blow dry. Be careful of using a product that may be too heavy and thick if you have finer hair. Read the instructions and make sure you consult your stylist on what is best for you.

Try priming your hair. When the hair is damp, before other products, apply a primer like new AG Deflect to protect hair from heat, allow other products to saturate the hair effectively, and speed up the drying time. Yes, you read that correctly. It will lessen the time by 50%.

Blow dry with your fingers until it is 80% dry. This again will cut the time than if you were only using a brush, protect hair from breakage. and give you more control.

Use a blow dryer with a concentrator. This allows the air to be “concentrated” on a certain area. Use it to your advantage before and during blow drying with a brush.

Blow dry the top and side sections of your hair in the opposite direction until dry then blast them with a cool shot by pressing the cool button on your tool. This will give you a ton of more volume since it will want to defy gravity and the cool shot with solidify it in its place.

Choose the right brush. A round brush will create smoothness and volume where as a flat brush or paddle brush will generally create a sleeker, straight look. Ask your stylist what is best for you. Also, imply about a Blow Dry Boot Camp. Your stylist will then be able to block time just for you to show you how to properly use your own tools.

Think small to go big. Section off your hair with clips so you can focus on one section at a time. This allows more control, the section will dry faster, and you will create bigger and better volume.

Beware of the bang. Pay particular attention to direction your bangs go in versus the way you want them to go. Use the concentrator to help guide them to where they need to be. Be careful when using a round brush on bangs. It creates too much bend. We are not trying to bring back the 80s fluffy bangs back.

Finish! Always, no matter what, use a hairspray. You can use an extremely light hold to smooth any fly-a-ways and create a soft look. Use a harder hold hairspray to keep your style in place. Try AG Aero or Ultra Dynamic Hairsprays for the best of both worlds. It is a soft feel, no helmet head, won’t move in a wind storm kind of hairspray.

Extend your blow out for a second day by using a re-styler or dry shampoo. AG Simply Dry, for example, will absorb excess oil and keep your style going strong and also to restyle and add the volume back into your second day hair. Not only that, it smells amazing and everyone around you will love that too.

It will take practice and patience to learn and successfully conquer the blow dry. Take your time and don’t just give up. With the right blow dry, you then can create a salon-perfect look with other tools, but it all starts at the base. And again, I cannot stress enough, use products!

Happy Blowing!
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