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Declare What It Is YOU Want!

Are you doing what it takes to be successful? Are you willing to take action to live the life you want and deserve? Do you know what you need let alone want?

You have to do good work and build a reputation that precedes you no matter what you do in life. You have to build a strong, vibrant, and vast network of people who want you to succeed, respect your needs and boundaries, and for whom you pay it forward. You have to stay humble, hugely self-aware, and devoted to continuous learning and self-growth. You will have to make mistakes, stumble and fall, and then pick yourself back up again- or allow others to help you do so.

You may never succeed at defining what matters most or which, among the many things I haven’t mentioned, should also be considered just as important but here’s the thing that stands out as a critical part to deeply meaningful professional success and personal wellbeing:

You have to declare what you want.

You have to stop saying YES to everything in hopes that you catch something that satisfies your heart’s desire, and you have to start saying NO to everything that most certainly does not. You have to really start homing in on what you even love to do. What truly are your passions? We cannot fix ourselves with vices that do not serve what really sets our souls on fire.

This is especially hard early in a career and especially when you own your own business. “Sure, I can do that!” I’ve said more times than I care to admit, so often to discover that I had agreed to work that I simply did not want or have time to do. In return, other things I was truly passionate about went by the wayside. More important matters to me were not completed well or completed at all. My boundaries were violated at no fault but my own.

What if we say instead, “This is who I am at my best. This is how I can provide you with the most value while also bringing me the most satisfaction.” What if we were paid for our being not for our doing?

I believe to the depths of both my heart and soul that when a person declares who they are and what they want, the universe gets in motion to help make that possible. It is simply the "Laws of Attraction." I have no other way to explain what has come to me when I have had that conviction and what has eluded me when I have not.

The law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws in existence. It works by attracting things to us based on our thoughts.

If you’re a spiritual seeker, you’ve probably wondered, “what is the law of attraction?” The simple answer is this: Law of Attraction is a universal law that boils down to the fact that ‘like attracts like’.

When you understand what law of attraction means and how it works, you can use it to manifest your desires.

I believe that other people are deeply attracted to that clarity of what lights up their worlds and want to help it come to fruition. I believe that when we have the courage to say, “This is it!” we shouldn’t sheepishly prepare for nothing to happen but instead, strap ourselves in for the trip of a lifetime. What I mean is- Do not be a doomsday prepper like me and plan for Plans A though Z for if I fail. Your emotions act as a magnet, attracting experiences that match how you’re feeling. So, if I believe I will fail and plan for the worst, I am more likely going to fail.

Just like gravity, law of attraction is in effect at all times, whether you’re aware of it or not. In fact, most people have no idea they’re influencing their own experiences through their feelings and thoughts. In fact, you may be in the habit of simply reacting to what life throws at you.

At the beginning of this year, I made clear declarations of what I wanted from my life- professionally and personally. I did this first by sharing 3 key words for the year.

  • Balance

  • Growth

  • Affection

Your words will look different, but I want you to think of 3 words that will be your focus and what you stand in for every decision you make.

What are the meanings of these words? What are the opposing words and meanings? We must understand both to have full clarity of the focus we need to live the life we desire and deserve.

  • Chaos

  • Loss

  • Detachment

Look at the opposing words. If I am declaring I need and want balance in my life, when I say "yes" to something I shouldn't, I know it will bring chaos. That is not what I am trying to attract. Relying on the power of those words and the declarations I made to myself to say no to some other commitments, I had space for some new, very specific things to show up.

Can you think of a recent example where you simply reacted to what was going on around you, instead of choosing where to focus your attention? Every time you react, instead of intend, you are taking your chances with what law of attraction is going to deliver you.

For example, you’d never go out to eat and let your server choose what you should have for dinner, right? Well think of your life experiences the same way – in order to use the law of attraction to your advantage, you need to start choosing your thoughts just like you would choose your meal from a menu.

This is the only way to have any control over what the universe sends your way.

It is frightening to claim what we want. How terrible to do so and risk the possibility of failure or pissing some people off. On the other hand, in the face of that fear, how wonderful to do so and discover something greater than we had dared to dream and to live a life that excites us and brings us joy.

The universe is lovingly aware of you and wants to help co-create your life. So, keep your mind and heart open as you put these concepts to use. Remember your focus. Say "no" when you should. Keep the opposing words in the back of your mind when making decisions. We so easily put our needs aside. Start to learn to embrace what we do not want so we can make room what we do.

Declare it to the Universe.


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