• Amanda Bossi

Live Beautifully, Live Confidently, & Empower

Live Beautifully, Live Confidently, & Empower is the motto of LIVE SALON but it speaks louder than its words to me.

In the beauty industry, it is obvious that everything revolves around outer beauty. Do those pants make your butt look big? Is your hair color on trend? Are you wearing the right shade of red lipstick? Are you thin enough, tall enough, blonde enough? We fight for perfection and some idea of flawlessness. We forget that true beauty lies from within. It is all about how YOU feel. It is not how the world perceives you. Beauty is a matter of perception and unfortunately, the world has distorted it for us.

Ask yourself this... What makes YOU feel beautiful? What makes you feel like the most badass version of yourself?

Is it hot pink lipstick? It is your decade old jeans that fit you just right? Is it bright purple hair that makes everyone stop and stare?

Whatever it is that YOU like, that makes you feel amazing, do it, flaunt it, and rock the hell out of it. Who cares if it is "out of style"? Who cares if it makes people look at you sideways? If it makes YOU feel good, that is what matters. Live beautifully with your own definition and on your own terms.

But more importantly, do it with confidence. If you are confident, you will exude beauty and confidence looks good on everybody. We all have the power within us to conquer the world, to live everyday to the fullest, and to reach our dreams. (And if I can do it, so can you.) Believe in yourself and you will glow with confidence. Live confidently and be amazed at the possibilities.

Empower. The dictionary defines this as giving someone the power or authority to do something or making someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. This is powerful. That someone, though, can be YOU, yourself. Give yourself the power to feel beautiful every single day even when your hair is in a messy bun and your couching it in pj pants. Give yourself the authority to go after your dreams. Make yourself stronger and realize you are in control of your own life, how you feel, and what you choose to do. Claim your right to be whoever you want to be. Empower yourself and you will empower others. Its contagious.

At LIVE SALON, this is what we strive to do everyday. LIVE SALON is your salon, your place to get a little inspiration to live more beautifully, live more confidently, and to get empowered to empower others. We want LIVE SALON, to be an environment that is comfortable so that if your having a bad day or just need a break, you can come, let your hair down, drink a glass of wine, and pick up some new big girl (or boy) panties.

LIVE SALON (and I) want to do more than just hair but to inspire other to fulfill their

dreams, big or small. When you look good, you feel good, and it sure is a hell of a lot easier to reach those dreams when you have fresh, new hair and boost of confidence.

So if you are at Walmart (in pjs or not), stop in and see us, sit with us, chat with us. Let us inspire you whether it be with a new look, good ears, or words of affirmation. Let us be your "spot". We wish to surround ourselves and fill our salon with some pretty amazing people like yourself.

So, I leave you with this-

"Live Beautifully, Live Confidently, & Empower"- Done. Period. Mic Drop. Eat It. Breathe It. Wear It. Sleep it. (And visit LIVE SALON!)
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