LIVE SALON opened in 2017 by Amanda Bossi with high hopes that LIVE SALON would be more than just another beauty salon in the area and that it would do more than just hair but be a face in the community. LIVE SALON wants you, the individual, to be inspired and empowered each time you step through the doors. And with great hair, you are able to feel beautiful and confident when you step out.

Though LIVE SALON has only been open for 2 years, it has already become one of the best and most renowned salons in the area for not only their quality of work but their involvement in the community.


LIVE SALON'S mission is to ensure that each guest is always valued as an individual with their own specific needs and unique style and respected in a professional and friendly manner to create not only outer beauty but inner confidence.

LIVE SALON received its name from its motto it lives by everyday:

Live Beautifully, Live Confidently, & Empower

LIVE SALON wants to be YOUR salon one in which you can walk into after a hardship, celebration, or just because with or without an appointment. You are our bosses, our leaders, and our own inspiration. We are all one and if we live more beautifully, more confidently, and empower not only ourselves but others, the world will be a more beautiful place.