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Hey! Welcome to my new and very much improved website. It has been way too long since I have taken a minute to update

This girl right here has been wearing many, many hats. As a mom, salon owner, new-found business coach in training, and a woman who cannot sit still for the life of her, I have been a bit busy.

But today was the day that I decided to do it. It needed done. I have so much to say and share. And honestly, writing has always been an outlet that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

My life has been its own rollercoaster ride and not one that has a little bunny hop of drop. My life has been the rollercoaster that the seatbelt seems sketchy; you're thrown upside down; and there are a few drops that you see Jesus and whatever you just ate for lunch. I also often like to use the analogy, that The Universe likes to throw some damn dodgeballs right smack dab at my face. And though I have dodged a few, some have blasted me right in the eye. But I always seem to get back up. It is my Type-R personality.

I pride myself on my resiliency. I have learned a lot of life lessons that I desperately want to share. See, I am a believer that you learn more when you teach. Writing the articles I am going to share for you is not just for your benefit. Truly though, it's for me. I have to get this shit out. It isa plus for you for sure. I hope some of you get something out of my writing and sharing all of my shit.

I welcome you here. I would love to say with open arms but believe me, I am not a hugger. I will show you all the love, empathy, and empowerment with the distance of the internet between us. Cyber high-five, yo!

But seriously, do not hesitate to reach out to me with any comments, questions, or ideas. Plus, I like to talk to people. It is kind of my job.

We are all perfect in our own magnificent, messed up ways. Laugh at yourself and others. Rejoice is the cosmic ridiculousness. - Jennifer Sincero


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